This blog shares experiences and ideas for how everyday can be an adventure, whether you are mountain biking, or simply planning an outdoor activity with the kids.  You can create new experiences with your family by exploring nature and learning new outdoor sports and activities.

Our adventures range from our backyard to play in the meadow (we really like that we have a “meadow”), the front yard to garden (we will certainly starve if forced to eat only food from our garden, but we like it a lot anyway!), mountain biking from our house to a nearby greenway, geocaching around town, paddle boarding the river with manatees to windsurfing in salty beach waters and hang gliding thousands of feet in the air with the birds and clouds.

We like that our outdoor adventures can be near or far and simple or complex.  Mostly we like to keep going, not frantically, but going all the same.

Join us in our journey and we’ll share the adventure together.


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