Mother’s Day at St. Marks Sandbar

Sunday was a great day on the boat!  Once in a blue moon, when all the stars align – the weather is good and the schedules are clear – we rent a boat from Shields Marina in St. Marks, Florida.  For Mother’s Day this year we rented a pontoon boat and went to explore the sand bar.  As my Mother’s Day present – the kids ordered up a dolphin show!    A mother and baby dolphin were playing in the waters just off the sandbar and several other adults were nearby.  The baby was super cute and really young.  I happened to be paddling nearby and caught the end of the “show” as they played nearby.

We saw stingrays, scallops, blue crab and lots of hermit crabs  as we explored the sandbar.  After leaving the main sandbar we explored another one nearby and found several small / young bonnet head sharks and more stingrays.

And for the final part of the tour we got a photo opp of the St. Marks Lighthouse.

It was a great!  We highly recommend renting a boat since someone else gets to clean it and maintain it – and we get to go home at the end of the day with no more chores.  And make sure to check out the dolphin show!

See you on the sandbar!


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