Salt Licks and Full Moons!

We have had some interesting weather since we set up the Terra 6 game camera last fall.  It’s been hot, wet, dry, windy, wet, hot and then downright freezing.  And then feels like summer again.  However, it did make for some good pictures on the game camera!


Before the Christmas holidays, we had some water at the bottom of the meadow, and the game camera aims right towards this water hole, of sorts.  The deer seem to like it.

Notice on the lower right hand of each image that there is a time and date stamp, as well as the phase of the moon.  These were at about the quarter moon, as it was heading into the full moon the following week.


Then a coyote stopped by for a visit on the almost moonless night of New Year’s Eve / first morning of the new year.  This coyote looks very different than the last one we saw on camera; the previous one appearing rather scrawny.  This one looks much bigger and more healthy.


And as you can see below, then the water hole came back.  Over Thanksgiving, a local expert on native plants was touring our yard and commented that we had a “bog”.  I believe it!  Sure looking boggy this winter.

To test out some  new products from the local sporting goods store, we bought an apple crush salt lick for the deer.  You can see it in the coyote picture above, right above the :34 in 4:34AM in the time stamp.  We put it out right around Christmas.  We still aren’t sure who enjoyed it the most, but we assume the raccoons might have helped themselves to some apple too.  No shortage of raccoons around this water hole.


Then the full moon arrived again.  The deer worked on the salt lick a bit; it had already been mostly broken down by the repeated cycle of rain, cold and warm weather.


There appears to have been enough of the salt lick left to catch their interest though, as this pair stood still long enough to get the perfect picture!


I love the contrast between the almost ghostly white deer image on the left and the darker one on the right, with their heads perfectly aligned.

Stay tuned for more game camera pictures from the bog in 2017!








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