Windsurfing and Camping at Cape San Blas!

It has been a great month for windsurfing on the Gulf coast of Florida!  We had the unusual luxury of having enough wind to windsurf two weeks in a row at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park.  The first weekend we camped with the kids at the state park, and the second weekend it was just my husband and I.

The first weekend we had a great kite flying session with perfect smooth wind, the sun at our backs on soft white sand.  It was a lot of fun.  We have two different kites, one is the shape of a paraglider and the other is a more traditional kite shape.  Both are two-line, steerable kites, and both are fun!  I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or the parents!

While windsurfing the first weekend, there was quite a bit of chop to go with the wind, which was not great for the kids to windsurf.  The adults had a blast however!  It was a bit chilly for a while, and then warmed up a bit after the sun chased the clouds away.

The second weekend we snuck in happy hour at Oyster City Brewing Company and then a dinner in Apalachicola at the Owl Café;  it was prom night in Apalachicola – which was highly entertaining!

The next morning we headed over to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park again to windsurf.  The wind was perfect, the water was perfect and the temperature was perfect!  The trifecta of windsurfing!  We topped off the day by refilling our growlers at Oyster City Brewing.

We plan to go back soon to camp, kite, paddleboard and windsurf.  Hope to see you there (or at Oyster City)!


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