Have You Seen the Bar in Bar Harbor?

Which bar you might ask?  The sand bar that sometimes connects the city of Bar Harbor, Maine to Bar Island.  A couple of hours before low tide up to a couple of hours after low tide, a rocky sand bar emerges from Frenchman Bay.  The sand bar is so big that cars can drive across, and local kayak companies launch their kayak trips from the sand bar.

Last summer we had the good fortune to stay in Bar Harbor for a week, and our house was just a block away from the sand bar.  It was like having a playground down the street.  We experienced the sand bar in foggy weather, sunny weather, rainy weather, cold weather, windy weather and hot weather.  It was a week of crazy weather.  Our first morning was so foggy, that you could barely see the end of the street.  Then it rained.  And then it was beautiful!  The crazy weather didn’t stop us from exploring, but it did stop us from going on a whale-watching tour. The fog was so bad that you could not see beyond the bow of the boat, so they cancelled the trip.  Maybe next time!

Some other highlights of the week included lobster – lobster rolls, lobster macaroni and cheese, lobster bisque, steamed lobster, and lobster quiche!  I ate lobster every single day, and twice a day a couple of times.  We highly recommend the lobster, needless to say.

Our daughter’s birthday fell during our vacation week in Bar Harbor, and so to do something special we hiked Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park.  Our daughter wasn’t so sure that this was a great birthday plan, but after a really cool three-mile hike all the way around the pond, it was declared the “best day ever”!  It really was a great hike, with many interesting features, everything from walking on planks, over rocks, through the woods, and all the while walking around Jordan Pond with very clear, beautiful water.

Jul Aug 2015 Maine 071 Jul Aug 2015 Maine 080 Jul Aug 2015 Maine 066

Maine Megan Jul Aug 2015 074

Some other highlights included looking for the lighthouses in the area, the most beautiful being the Bass Harbor Light.  The kids were climbing out on the rocks, and the only way to get this great view is from the rocks or the water.  So, I ventured out for the photo opportunity and it was well worth it – one of my best lighthouse pictures ever!

IMG_0172 Jul Aug 2015 Maine 047

We also did some geocaching in the area, had a picnic on top of Cadillac Mountain, watched a phenomenal sunset from Cadillac Mountain, and toured Acadia National Park while driving on the Park Loop Road.  One of the neatest spots was Thunder Hole, which is really just a spot that makes a thundering sound when the tides are changing. We were not there at the perfect time for hearing the big “thunder”, but it was a neat spot to watch the water.  Be careful – this is a splash zone sometimes!!

Jul Aug 2015 Maine 027 Jul Aug 2015 Maine 025

The trip was topped off by some great sunsets, lots of rocks, and fantastic ice cream!  Bar Harbor is a great town for walking, and there is a Shore Path that leads you along the water for about one mile. All in all, a great trip – just be prepared for some crazy weather!

Jul Aug 2015 Maine 151

IMG_0194P.S. Did I mention there are lots of rocks?

Jul Aug 2015 Maine 015



2 thoughts on “Have You Seen the Bar in Bar Harbor?

  1. I love Acadia so much, and this makes me want to go back and visit again! Though I must admit, the Bubbles will always, to me at least, look more like boobs 🙂

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