Adventures at Lake Seminole State Park

We snuck away for a couple of nights at Lake Seminole State Park in Georgia just before Christmas.  It was cold and clear and beautiful.

We stayed in one of the cabins and it was very comfortable.  The cabins all look out on the lake –  what a view!

We bundled up for a quick hike to a new geocache – and found it.  🙂  There is a neat sign at the start of the trail that shows all the animals that live in the burrows that the gopher tortoise digs – over 80 species – including rattlesnakes and mice.  So for all the hikers – be cautious when walking near holes!

Next off to the Ranger Station to get our park pass.  There we spied (in his tank) the most adorable eastern box tortoise.  Our daughter held him and loved it. The Rangers said that the tortoise really likes to be held.  So cute!  It was about five years old and still fit into the palm of your hand.

The park had great holiday light displays and giant reindeer made of logs.

We made a stop at the miniature golf course and tested our skills.  There were some interesting obstacles that made us work hard and we got a couple hole in ones!

Later in the afternoon we also saw a king snake be fed his weekly meal – dead mouse –  yummy!  Kids thought it was cool.

Of course, we had to roast marshmallows by the fire at night.  The kids played laser tag while adults tried to keep warm by the fire.

All in all – a successful weekend at a beautiful state park (is there any other kind?)!

Hope to see you there!


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