Georgia On My Mind

Through a combination of odd events and schedules, we woke up one Saturday morning and decided to head north to Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area in Georgia, and then continue on to the city of Columbus, Georgia.

We were not prepared for a big hike, but wow I wish we had been.  Providence Canyon, also called Little Grand Canyon, was really neat.  The canyon was formed because of poor farming practices in the 1800’s, and although there is no farming there now, it is very beautiful.  The colors of the different layers look like a geology textbook; the only problem was that our family geologist was not on the trip with us!

We walked around the rim trail a little bit, and did some geocaching in the park as well.

Providence Canyon

After finishing our tour of the Canyon, we headed North to Columbus, Georgia.  We have stopped in Columbus, Georgia, before on the way back from camping at F.D. Roosevelt State Park.  There is a great local microbrewery, and we had heard there was now whitewater kayaking in Columbus.  So, off we went!

There was an art and music festival going on in downtown Columbus when we arrived, so we wandered through the area until we found our way down to the river.  You can access the Chattahoochee Riverwalk just a couple of blocks from downtown.  The Riverwalk is a 15 mile trail that spans the riverfront from the Lake Oliver city marina south to the National Infantry Museum.

We arrived right near the former mill that was powered by the dam.  The dam was removed in 2012 with several explosions, and there is now a thriving community of whitewater kayakers, rafters and river boarders.  I was sending our location to a friend and when she got the image, she was laughing because it shows that we were in the water!  After removing the dam, they built an island and other river features to enhance the whitewater experience.  The island has a lot of great rocks and a few trees, and provides a great spot to view the key rapids and the kayakers in those rapids!

After watching the kayakers (some younger than 10 years old!), we met some friends for dinner at The Cannon Brew Pub downtown, for some local beer and great food.

The next morning we toured the Riverwalk area for some walking, scootering and geocaching.  We only walked a mile or so, but the trail goes all the way to the National Infantry Museum.  There is also a Blue Heron Adventure zipline that crosses the river, taking you to the Alabama side of the river, where you can complete an obstacle course (in another state!) and then you can take a raft ride back across the river to the Georgia side.  Looks super fun and we can’t wait to try it.

The museum was very interesting.  According to the museum website, “this state-of-the-art facility tells the story of the United States Army Infantryman, from the fields of the American Revolution to the sands of Afghanistan. The museum houses an amazing display of artifacts from all eras of American history and contains numerous interactive multimedia exhibits, bringing our nation’s past to life through the latest in technological innovation.”  There are several combat simulators; we chose to undertake a mission in the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), commonly known as the Humvee. 

Overall, the trip was great!  It was really neat to see the river and all the activities in Columbus, Georgia.  Next time we hope to hike into Providence Canyon, and then have fun on the zipline before finding our way to The Cannon Brew Pub again – hope to see you there!






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