Spring Break 2015 (oops, a little late!)

March Spring Break 2015 079This year has really flown by, and I realized I am woefully behind on my blogging for the year.  So, here it goes!

Spring Break this year brought interesting weather with fog and some rain. This led to a paddleboard session in the fog at Anastasia State Park. This is the only place I can think of where I would paddle in dense fog like this. We hugged the shore line so we knew where we were and to make sure to stay out-of-the-way of any early morning fishermen.  It was beautiful paddling in the misty fog.  The first picture was only 15 feet in front of me, and you can see how dense it is.  By the end of the hour we could see the shore (second picture) much more clearly.March Spring Break 2015 087

The week was supposed to include a trip to Savannah, but the weather ruled that out as well!  Fortunately, the trip was not all bad weather. We did get to explore a new park when we went mountain biking at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida, in lieu of the Savannah trip.

Fort Clinch has some nice mountain biking, a bit sandy in spots, but they have managed that well by putting pavers and other materials to help keep the path manageable. The best surprise was that you can see the Amelia Island Lighthouse from the bike trail!  I had no idea we would see this, so when we rounded the corner and stopped for a water break – there it was!  Very cool.  Not every day you see a lighthouse from a mountain bike trail. Again, note the gray sky…

Amelia Island Lighthouse

During our bike ride, we stopped to find several geocaches.  For those who have not followed my blog for long, you might be wondering – what is a geocache?  Go to geocaching.com to find out, and join this fun activity that leads to new places to explore.  For more on geocaching, you can also read some other blog posts.  While we were hunting a geocache that was on a hiking only trail, we encountered this cute little fellow and some of his other friends on this very swampy trail.

March Spring Break 2015 075

We did find the geocache in the swamp, and then after finishing our bike ride (just before the rain really started), we headed out to find a closer view of the lighthouse.  Oddly enough you can only get to it from a neighborhood.  Right next to someone’s house, there is a driveway leading up to a Coast Guard Station.  There is it!  The better view was from Fort Clinch, however it was cool to see it up close.

March Spring Break 2015 077

All in all, it was a great adventure and a fun way to spend a few days.  Can’t wait to do it again.  I encourage you to visit Fort Clinch State Park – nice place to explore – and they do have a fort as well!




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