Loons and Rays and Crystal Clear Water!

North Florida has had its share of really gross weather this Winter. Now I know it’s not the snow and cold of the rest of the United States, however we did get over 7 inches of rain in one day!  But, before all that rain, there were some beautiful days in December.

Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park


While visiting St. George Island, Florida, we visited Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park on the East end of the Island on a chilly morning for some photo opportunities, and after lunch managed to sneak in a paddle board session on the West end of the Island.

The paddle boarding was beautiful – the water color was amazing!  There was not a lot of wildlife, but we did see two stingrays, and a bit offshore there was a group of loons!  They were calling to each other and just floating together in a group of about 50 birds.  I think they heard that wintering in Florida is the way to go!

SGI Dec 13 2014 048

We paddled up wind first, and after we turned around (after visiting the loons), we discovered that we were now paddling upwind again, as the wind has shifted.  That’s called the bonus workout – paddling upwind in both directions!  It was a beautiful day topped off by a walk to the cut (the main entrance to Apalachicola Bay is through Government Cut (also known as Bob Sikes Pass), a dredged cut between St. George and Little St. George Islands from the Gulf into the bay).

SGI Dec 13 2014 042

The evening was completed with happy hour at Oyster City Brewing Company in Apalachicola and dinner nearby. The beer is great by the way!  Hope to see you soon on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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