Lafayette Heritage Trail Park Pedestrian Bridge Worth Every Penny!

As locals to the area, we have been eagerly following the construction of the new bridge over the train tracks that connect the J. R. Alford Greenway and the Lafayette Heritage Trail at Piney-Z.

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park.

We visited it on rainy, cold days, and warm sunny ones. We took pictures of the arrival of the bridge sections. We oohed and aahed and even complained as the unhelpful weather interfered in the progress.

Now it is finished, and it is awesome! The view is spectacular.

We have been mountain biking in this area for years, and to cross over from one side / park to the other, we had to cross the train tracks. The train is so close and so loud at some sections of the bike trails in this area that it feels like the train is on the bike trail! It can really get your heart pumping.

For the last year, the hikers and bikers have been finding alternative routes to cross between the two parks, even making another track crossing. Now, though we can cross over the beautiful new bridge, and enjoy the view from the top.

Since the bridge opened, there have been crowds of people coming out to explore the new arrival. The bridge connects two different parks in Tallahassee, making it very unique to the area.

There is also a new geocache that can be reached from the bridge, adding some extra interest to the spot.




I hope you get a chance to explore the bridge. I think it might even become a new Tallahassee tourist attraction! The sunset is pretty darn good too!


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