St. Augustine Lighthouse View from Below

St Aug Jan 2014 011

St Aug Jan 2014 007The picture from the last post, “What Do You Think This Is?” is a photo from the bottom of the stairs inside the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  An interesting twist – so to speak!

The view from the top was worth the walk.  You can see the recently renovated Bridge of Lions, the Salt Run, and well, the whole city really.  A cold January day was a great time to make the trek up 219 stairs, since there were not a lot of people out on a cold day in Florida.  Also, we didn’t even break a sweat, which only happens a handful of days each year in Florida.

The pictures from the top are great, but the one I liked the most was the view from inside the stair well at the bottom, looking straight up.  It reminds me of a seashell or a puzzle and completely disorients the viewer from the real perspective of looking up.

If you get the chance to visit the Lighthouse, I recommend viewing it from several different perspectives:

  • View it from the top and experience climbing 219 steps; it’s good exercise!
  • Visit the buildings on the grounds of the Lighthouse; interesting history
  • Paddle board or kayak in the Salt Run from Anastasia State Park  (You can rent equipment from  Anastasia Watersports, the watersports concession in the State Park, which is next store to the Lighthouse)

My favorite view of the St. Augustine Lighthouse is from the water; we have seen it from the Salt Run, which is part of Anastasia State Park, while windsurfing and paddle boarding.  Absolutely worth the effort!

Sept 2013 Anastasia 009I hope you get a chance to visit the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and view it from many different perspectives!


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