NaNoWriMo Marathon / Day 9

Today is the NaNoWriMo Marathon Day – write as much as you can! Donate money to the cause, and write some more.

That is not quite how my day went.  First, I was coerced into making waffles, which was not on the to do list.  But that bought me some time to then do some work.  Followed by paying bills. Donating to NaNoWriMo, which earned me a “halo” on my NaNoWriMo profile.  Running errands.  No writing yet.  Walking neighbors dogs with kids.  Followed by chores.   I almost ready to retreat to the camper with a DO NOT ENTER sign.  And then I found some quiet time at last.

Tip of the day:  I took the advice of a NaNoWriMo Coach when I needed inspiration today.  I was stuck and couldn’t decide what should happen next in chronological order, so I jumped way ahead to a future event in the story that I really wanted to write.  It totally worked! Then I was able to go back and decide what event should happen in chronological order.  Love it!

Total word count:  11,300  (almost 2,000 today)

Goal:  50,000

Making  progress.  1/5 complete.  Sounds way better than almost 40,000 to go.

Keep writing fellow NaNoWriMoers.



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