NaNoWriMo Update: Where Have the Pandas Gone?

It is actually Day 7 of National Novel Writing Month, aka, NaNoWriMo. Word count just passed 9,000, which feels great! My goal is 50,000 words in 30 days, which equals 1,667 per day. Keep writing! That’s a lot of words.

While conducting research today for the novel, we rode a great mountain bike trail. It has this great section, that is full of bamboo, and it’s really neat. It is in the middle of oak trees and pine trees, and there it is, this small section of bamboo. I have a fantasy that one day I will come through this area, and there will be a panda bear, sitting on it’s bottom, munching on bamboo. I don’t think I can work that one into the novel, but I could try!

After the research was done, we ventured out on the paddle boards. Part of the lake was so glassy that you could see the reflection of the clouds on the water, and even see the colors of leaves that have started to turn yellow and purple for Fall. A bald eagle graced us with his presence, circling above us in a thermal, going higher and higher until we lost sight of him. What a beautiful bird. His wing span was amazing, I would guess at least six feet, maybe more. The last time we paddled at this spot, we heard a young bald eagle in the pine tree overhead, and when we finally spotted him it appeared to be an adult and a juvenile, and it sounded like the younger one was jabbering away. They have amazing camoflauge; you couldn’t see them at all until they turned their heads so that the white showed; then they would turn again and disappear into the trees. Hope to see them again when I have the camera ready!

Got to go, lots of words to write this month!


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