NaNoWriMo Words of Wisdom Today

Checking out Twitter feed from NaNoWriMo Coach today.

Best words of advice – “if you get stuck today, make your characters move, even if just to another room” – totally true in writing and life!

My other favorite is – “let your day inspire your work: Pay attention! What are people saying? Doing? Put those devices down and WATCH.” Again, well said. I was at lunch today and the guy in the booth behind me proceeded to unload his personal life story (on his boss) so that everyone within earshot could hear. I think he has a good excuse for not having those reports in on Thursday…

I now have tons of new ideas however! Thanks fellow luncher that I don’t know, even though I now know all his business.

So the moral of the story – eavesdropping is great tool. Use it wisely.


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