Reflecting on Lighthouses of Florida

Several recent paddle board trips have allowed us a unique perspective of several of Florida’s most beautiful lighthouses.  Although no one would argue with the view from the top of a lighthouse, I currently prefer the view from the water!  We paddled from the St. Marks lighthouse on the Gulf Coast of Florida on a calm September morning. 
I have a framed photo in my living room of a sunset view of this lighthouse (Low Tide, St. Marks Lighthouse, by Russell Grace), and I have been looking at it for several years, wondering and waiting for the opportunity to see the lighthouse from this vantage point.  Well, here it is at last!  My photo is not the amazing sunset view by Russell Grace, however, I do love the reflection of the lighthouse on the water, and the puffy clouds completing the scene. 

St. Marks Lighthouse Paddle Sep 2013 011

St. Marks Lighthouse Paddle Sep 2013 008

St. Marks Lighthouse Paddle Sep 2013 003

St. Marks Lighthouse, Florida

Next stop, the Salt Run in Anastasia State Park on the East Coast of Florida.  Imagine our luck when a planned windsurfing trip to Anastasia didn’t pan out due to NO WIND (after it was windy all week long), so we brought the paddle boards instead!  Another calm September morning, on the water by 8:15 with the sea birds and sea turtles.  And yet another lighthouse reflection on the water…we paddled from the State Park down to the marina, practicing our yoga moves while going under the docks along the way.  I love the colors of the St. Augustine lighthouse on the water.

Sept 2013 Anastasia 009 Sept 2013 Anastasia 006

Sept 2013 Anastasia 011

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

After meandering our way back to the park, admiring the beach houses and catamarans, we saw several young loggerhead sea turtles and the head of one big sea turtle.  The birds were beautiful and plentiful.  The moon had been full just the day before, and the tide was higher than we have ever seen it in the Salt Run, allowing us to explore some creeks that are impassable in all but the highest tides.

I hope we can continue to explore the water view of the lighthouses of Florida, as they are definitely worth reflecting on!

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