Windsurfing Dawn Patrol at Anastasia State Park

Memorial Day weekend started on Friday evening with the arrival of the Full Moon over the water.  It was so big and bright that it could have been the sun.  A really amazing moonrise!Memorial Day Weekend May 2013 001

Saturday morning exceeded expectations with a windsurfing dawn patrol at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine.  My husband and I had our windsurfing sails rigged and on the water by 9 a.m., and the kids were at home with their grandmother.

You might ask – what is a dawn patrol?  A dawn patrol is when you are ready to windsurf at sunrise – which is the best!  Although we did not make the actual sunrise, it was the closest we have gotten to a dawn patrol in a long time, so we counted 9 a.m. as our “sunrise”!  It was definitely worth it!

Memorial Day Weekend May 2013 012 Memorial Day Weekend May 2013 024

The wind was perfect for longboarding, and the sun was reflecting off the water making for a beautiful morning for windsurfing.  We sailed for several hours, and my husband helped teach some new windsurfing students that were renting windsurfers from  Anastasia Watersports.  It is always great to see new people starting the sport; it takes patience to learn to windsurf, but it is absolutely worth the effort!  The salt run at Anastasia State Park is one of the best places to learn to windsurf.  We have been teaching our children to windsurf, and they are doing great.  Kids always learn fast!

Memorial Day Weekend May 2013 058

Twelve Year Old Windsurfing

The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend did not bring the wind that we (or our son) were looking for, but our son tried out a big sail anyway.  It was a short windsurfing session, so we moved on to boogie boarding back at grandmother’s beach in South Ponte Vedra.  That was a lot of fun; the waves were perfect for the kids, and I got to try out my new camera in the ocean.

All in all, it was a great weekend!  If you are in or near St. Augustine, Florida, check out Anastasia State Park – it is one of the prettiest parks in Florida.  We hope you enjoy it!

Memorial Day Weekend May 2013 119


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