Deer Hiding on the Magnolia Trail

The silk worms and spider webs were unbelievable!  Not in a good way either…  A recent mountain bike ride on the Magnolia Trail was a festival of bugs!  We spent twenty minutes swatting away spider webs, spiders, silk worms and other nastiness.  This later led to poison ivy since I swatted away bugs under my bike jersey and I must have gotten poison ivy on my bike gloves.  One bike ride = two weeks of poison ivy on my stomach.  Priceless!

However, while stopping on the trail (at a section we would have never normally stopped at), we were cursing the bugs and webs, and we happened to look into the woods.  Much to our surprise, we saw several deer munching happily on leaves.  One bolted immediately, which must have been the buck, because we never saw him again.  The doe did not care that we were watching her eat brunch, so we took her picture as well.  Look carefully and you can see our deer camouflaged in the bushes.  It was almost worth the poison ivy, but I am not sure yet!

Magnolia Trail 5_22_13 010Magnolia Trail 5_22_13 008

The funny part about seeing the deer was that we would not have stopped to notice them unless we had bug and web problems, and there are not normally deer in this section of the park.  There were workers nearby trimming tree limbs, and we think that when they arrived they scared the deer in the direction we were, which is very closed in.  So they probably just stayed hidden on the trail while the workers finished their business.  We do not know of anyone else that has seen them on this section of the trail.  It was a nice surprise, especially after all the bugs!


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