My Tree to Tree Zipline Adventure was Great!

Last week, on a cool Monday morning, we went to try out both the short and long zip line / obstacle courses at Tree to Tree Adventures at the Tallahassee Museum, or for those who are locals, the Junior Museum.

I have watched my husband and son complete the Canopy Crossing twice, and watched my daughter complete the Treemendous Adventures course several times (see previous post: It is a Treemendous Zipline Adventure!).  Now I got to do it all!

We completed the Canopy Crossing, and after a water break, we zipped right into the Soaring Cypress course.  It took us about 2 hours from start to finish to complete both courses, including getting on harnesses and going through our lesson from the instructor.  The obstacles were great – including, walking across cables, weaving around logs crossing your path through the air, stairs of a sort, and even an aerial skateboard session.  The Canopy Crossing (short course) has 2 zip lines and they are nice.

However, the real fun starts when you begin the Soaring Cypress (long course).  The Canopy Crossing is like the warm up and training ground.  You start the Soaring Cypress by climbing up three ladders and completing zip lines 50 feet above the ground.  There are a total of seven zip lines on the long course – three of which are back to back – and they are great.  We zipped over the tiger’s enclosure (no tiger to be seen right then, but still cool!).  We saw turkey and deer – they looked like this was old news to them now, but I imagine they were startled the first time they saw people zipping around above their enclosure!  The obstacles on the Soaring Cypress are a bit more challenging and definitely feel a bit higher.  There is less hand holding on the obstacles and some feel a lot longer than on the short course.

The view of the museum / zoo is great from the air!  We zipped over a beautiful cypress swamp and a pond.  We saw the dinosaur art / sculptures that are scattered throughout the museum (they are made of recycled car parts and they are really neat!).

Our instructor / leader, Los, was great.  He provided us great information about upcoming obstacles and ziplines and was very helpful.  Overall, the experience was great and we felt safe at all times, which is how I like my ziplining experiences!

It’s time for you to get to your local zipline course and give it a try.  Hope to see you there. Oh yeah, don’t drop your gloves – you will need those for the ziplines!


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