Mountain Biking, Ziplining and More!

While mentally preparing myself for summer with the kids out of school, I took some time to make sure that I am leaning into the nice weather while I can!  Last week, in addition to ziplining, I managed to squeeze in 45 miles of mountain bike riding – which might be my personal best for a week.

The week started by dragging, and I do mean dragging, the kids to bike at the St. Marks Trail.  We are still working on getting the seven-year old comfortable without training wheels, so we did a nice ride on a paved trail with no cars – the best kind of trail in my opinion.

The next day, we completed the zipline course at our local zoo, then because we had not entirely worn ourselves out, we biked nine miles at Munson Hills Trail in the Apalachicola National Forest, the off-road trail that leaves from the St. Marks Trail we had biked the day before.

Mid-week I had to return to Munson to ride again!  We saw four fox squirrels and the cutest gopher tortoise ever.  I almost tangled with one fox squirrel, as he did the “which way do I go dance” while I almost ran him over.  He finally decided that the nearest pine tree was the safest way to go – good decision for him.  However, bad for my photographic moment.   Can you spot the fox squirrel in this picture?  It’s kind of like “I Spy” to find him.   These guys are fast, by the way!

Can you find it?

Can you find it?

gopher tortoise

Then we came across the cutest tortoise ever!  He was munching on grass and didn’t even notice us.  After several minutes he looked up, saw us looking at him, and froze with one blade of grass in his mouth.  He had the funniest look on his face – the “oh my gosh – they are looking at me” face.  We all had a staring contest for a minute and then as soon as we moved, he safety retreated into his shell.  Must be nice to carry your home on your back!

The week was ending, but the fun wasn’t over.  Another nine mile mountain bike ride was followed by paddle boarding, and then we topped that off with some land boarding!  I did my best jibe ever on the land board!

The week ended with a trip to Tampa to see Tim McGraw in concert at the Live Nation Amphitheater.  On the trip south, we stopped to bike in Ocala and made it to the Land Bridge.  There is a nice geocache there.  You can see the spot from I-75 – it looks like bushes are growing on an overpass – and they are!  Really pretty biking around there.

Land Bridge

The Tim McGraw concert was absolutely awesome!  Great people watching too!

The trip home on Mother’s Day was decorated with beautiful wildflowers on the side of the highway – for miles and miles.  That was a great week!

Mothers Day wildflowers


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