Land Boarding?

Is it windsurfing on land?  on a skate board?  This is sometimes called Land Boarding.  We used an old windsurfing sail and a large skateboard to practice our windsurfing skills on land.

We have had some wind in town lately, and there was not much wind at the beach, so we decided to try out our local parking lot for some sailing.  It takes some getting used to, since I have only ever sailed on the water before, but it was fun.


And if that wasn’t enough excitement at the local Costco / Walmart parking lot on a Sunday afternoon, then try Umbrella Boarding!  Hold the umbrella while skateboarding and use the power of the wind to pull you along.  We also had the kite out in a grassy field at the same time.

Passers-by were amazed.  People stopped, stared, took pictures, commented “righteous dude” and could not believe what they were seeing.


It was a great day for brushing up on sailing skills.  If you try it, just remember to wear your safety gear!  We wore helmets, wrist guards and elbow and knee pads.  Concrete is a lot harder than water, so it’s worth the time to put on the gear.  Enjoy land boarding!


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