Is It Spring Yet?

Spring has sprung! On a weekend trip to Jacksonville, Florida, to see the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team beat Scotland, we managed to squeeze in a windsurfing session for the kids at Anastasia State Park.

When we first arrived, we saw a dolphin having brunch in the Salt Run, and a small sea turtle coming up for air.

After wrestling everyone into their wetsuits, locating the right gear for the 12 year old and the 7 year old, we did a refresher course on windsurfing 101: Where is the wind coming from and which way should you be sailing.

Our son has sailed many times and had an awesome session today. He was on a 2.5 m2 sail and worked on tacking.

Our daughter just learned last Spring Break, and we have her practice while attached to a rope. Then we can reel her back in if she needs assistance. This is a great way to teach kids, since they know they can’t get too far away.

They both had one crash each. Our son got tangled up, flipped the board and scrambled up onto the bottom. The water was pretty cold, so luckily mom was nearby on a paddle board to help him right the board (and he still didn’t get wet!) since he scrambled onto the paddle board.

Our daughter did a tremendous splash and let out a nice scream as she felt that cold water rushing into the wetsuit. She made a good recovery and started again.

An osprey hawk circled and hunted for lunch, and we got a closer view of the sea turtle. He wanted nothing to do with the paddle board and windsurfer, so he dove for safety. He was about one foot long and looked like a loggerhead. Adorable!

Anastasia Watersports rents kayaks, paddle boards, hobie cats, windsurfers, and offers lessons as well. The owners are great people and do their best to make sure everyone has a great time.

All in all, it was a great day at the beach. Hoping for more wind in March at Spring Break because the parents need to windsurf too!

Hope to see you at the beach. Bring lots of sunscreen!



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