Guana or Iguana?

Time to get off the sofa.  Mandatory outside time.  Mandatory fun.  Unplug the kids from the video games.  On a day that was too cold to lure them to the pool or beach, we ventured on a hike to geocache at Guana Tolomata Matazanas National Estuarine Research Reserve (GTMNERR), better known as Guana.  Our daughter, however, kept referring to the place we were going to, as Iguana, rather than Guana.  You have to use the short name, because how many times in a day can someone say the full name?.  It is a total tongue-twister.  Anyway, so we began our adventure to Iguana, no I mean, Guana!049


We were searching for several caches in the Guana River Wildlife Management Area. Our nephew found the first cache and got really excited by the find.  Next, we headed toward the river for the second find, which took a bit longer, but I made the find.  This geocache was right near the water, and the view was fantastic.  The title of the cache is “cache with a view” – a great name for this one.  We walked along an oyster shell beach and admired the scenery before heading back.  What a great day for a hike and some geocaching, even if we did not see any Iguanas!


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