Beer, Beer, Everywhere!

On a recent ride in our Greenway, I heard a very loud crunching of leaves as I rounded a corner.  I expected to see squirrels chasing each other, but when I turned my head I saw 5 very large deer running on a parallel path closer to the lake bed.  We must have scared them with the crunching of leaves under our bike tires, and they were on the other side of a large wild area, so I could not see them until I rounded the corner.  They looked very startled and I was too!  My bike partner missed them since she rounded the corner just a moment too late.  They were beautiful, running full on like I was chasing them.  I felt bad that we scared them, but happy to see they were there, as I have never seen any deer in our Greenway.  Then a recent conversation with my daughter popped into my head and I thought “beer, beer, everywhere!”.  I had a post almost two years ago entitled “Deer, Deer, Everywhere!”.  Well, this is a slightly different version!

Now the funny part of the story is about spelling words.  My daughter was reviewing her weekly spelling words on the way to pick up her brother from school.  From the back seat, I hear the word “beer”, so I ask her to spell the word.  She spells “b-e-e-r”.  “No, can’t be” I say.  She spells it again.  I laugh to myself.  When we get to our stop, I ask her to read the word again.  Still “b-e-e-r”.  So I take the list and we review them together.  Then she proceeds to argue with me that the word is “beer”, while I explain that the word is “deer”.  We are having some confusion over the “b” and the “d”.  She finally relented that maybe her teacher did not put the word beer on her spelling list, as that might not be a first grade word.  So now she can spell “deer” and “beer”.  Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s funny!


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