It is a TREEMendous Zipline Adventure!

On a hot, muggy Memorial Day weekend, our family went to explore the newest zipline adventure / obstacle course in Florida, Tree to Tree Adventures, at the Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum, also known as the Junior Museum, has just recently opened a new zipline course.  There are three courses – a junior course, a short regular course and long regular course. 

Our daughter was eager to try the junior course.  The course is mostly obstacles leading upward; towards the end they cross a tightrope cable and then have the option to end with a zipline or climb down a ladder.  She took the zipline and begged for a chance to do it again!  The zipline is low to the ground (thankfully!) and is quite fast.  There is a sand pit at the end they can drag their feet in to slow down; one time she did slow down and the next she flew full speed ahead into the pad on the tree.  Slowing down a little bit is good!

I was most impressed with her skills hooking and unhooking the carabiner (like she does it everyday), and her confidence negotiating the obstacles.  Some of the obstacles were quite high, well above my head and out of my reach; she was not fazed by it and proceeded ahead.  The course / museum guide watches the whole time to make sure they are “connected” to the cables and monitors the participants.  We had the luxury of my daughter being the only person on the course that morning, so she was able to go at at her own pace.

Meanwhile, my husband and son were off on the short course.  There are many obstacles and several ziplines.  They loved it as well and can’t wait to do the long course!

We hope to see you at Tree to Tree Adventures soon zipping through the trees.  While you are there, make sure to enjoy the animals as well.  I think the panthers and otters are my favorite! 




3 thoughts on “It is a TREEMendous Zipline Adventure!

  1. I had the extreme pleasure of taking an amazing adventure in Costa Rica and ai must say that of all the ‘Adventures’ I could have chosen I think the zip line was absolutely the best! Sounds like your family will be ready for the three hour mountain zip on your next trip to Costa Rica!

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