Six-year-old learns to windsurf!

On our Spring Break vacation this year, our six-year-old daughter learned to windsurf!  My husband and I both windsurf, so it was exciting several years ago when our son started learning, and this year they were both sailing at the same time!  The weather was perfect for learning.  We have visions that some day we will all windsurf together!

Both our son and daughter are green belts in Tae Kwon Do, and I think that really helped their balance on the windsurfing board.  After her lesson on the beach, our daughter hopped right on the board and seemed totally comfortable.  She had several very long runs paralleling the beach – she was very excited!  It is amazing how fast kids can learn things; she seemed to understand aspects about adjusting the sail and her body that adults learning to windsurf might not get for months. 

A key to teaching children to windsurf is the proper size sail and rig.  We use a Mistral 1.7 m2 children’s rig and sail.  The mast and boom and sail are all very light weight and designed for children to handle properly.  Our son learned on the same sail, and is now able to use a small adult rig with a 2.5 m2 sail.  After several days of windsurfing that week, our son was chasing the Hobie catamarans around to show off his new skills.  With patience and proper equipment, kids can learn to windsurf!


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