Have You Zipped on the Crocodile Crossing?

Imagine you are harnessed to a cable and zooming on a zip line over an alligator pit that is the home of some of the largest alligators in world…and a few minutes later you are crossing obstacles like a single wire cable (think tight rope), an aerial skimboard, and then zipping over the red-ruffed lemurs and the Galapagos tortoises.  Wow, what a ride!

In March, we did the Crocodile Crossing at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, Florida, and it was fantastic!  Participants are not allowed to take phones or cameras on the course, so it is pretty difficult to get pictures unless you have someone stationed on the ground in the Alligator Farm.  Check out this video to get an idea of the view from above. 

Crocodile Crossing  at St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

There is a short course and long course.  We did the long course and it took a little more than an hour to complete.  The staff first trains you in how to use your harness, and then teaches you how to ride the zip lines on a very low and short zip line in the training area.  After that, the adventure begins! 

It was quite exhilarating to zip over the animal exhibits.  The staff watches you from below during the entire experience, and we felt completely safe as each participant must be hooked onto a cable / line at all times. Some obstacles on the long course are challenging, with the “skimboard” being the most heart pumping of them all.  The zip lines were amazing – screaming over the trees and roaring to a stop, and off to another obstacle!

We will be zipping our way through the Crocodile Crossing again soon!


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