Callaway Gardens Adventure

Callaway Gardens

Paper Kite Butterfly

Birds of Prey: Barred Owl

On a recent trip to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA, we did a 10-mile ride bike while exploring the gardens.  We visited the butterfly center, found a couple of geocaches, and attended two shows on Birds of Prey.  Owls and hawks buzzed our heads during the show – it was great! 

We learned that owls and hawks will eat poisonous snakes.  They land near the snake, and put out a wing – like a matador.  Then they jump on the snake right behind the neck, and kill it.  Owls and hawks usually do not eat the snake head, however they are so smart that if they do eat it, they first remove the poison sacs and spit them out nearby.  If the snake were to strike the wing, there is no blood in the wing, so the bird is not harmed.  Amazing! 

We have snakes and owls in our yard.  Just tonight I heard the barred owl talking for the first time this Fall in our neighborhood.   We loves owls!


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