Alison Krauss Concert in St. Augustine was Great!

We recently attended the Alison Krauss concert at the Amphitheatre in St. Augustine, Florida.  The concert was really good!  They played some new songs and lots of old favorites.  The weather was great, with a light breeze keeping the heat at bay. 

The following morning we went to Anastasia State Park nearby and enjoyed a bike ride, a sail on a catamaran, and a short session of stand up paddle board.  The mullet were jumping and the Osprey Hawk was fishing for brunch. 

Osprey Hawk

We spotted the same hawk with a fish several different times over the course of the bike ride and sailing.  The hawk was oblivious to passersby and calmly ate his meal high up in the tree, then took his time drying his wings.  Then he started all over again.  Someone told us that you can hear the concerts from inside the park – I wonder if  the hawk enjoyed the concert from the night before!


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