Fox Squirrels and Mountain Biking at Munson Hills!

While enjoying some free time last weekend , my husband and I went mountain biking in the Munson Hills Off-Road Bicycle Trail in the Apalachicola National Forest.  The trails are newly re-worked and they are very well done.  The trails are mostly clay (brought in to create nice trails), and pass through some short sandy sections.  The area is naturally very sandy, and the clay trails are a huge upgrade, since mountain biking in sand is not much fun.  Scenery includes beautiful oak and pine trees, low scrubby bushes and lots of geckos running out-of-the-way – they are fast!  About half-way through our nine mile ride, when the sweat started burning my eyes, we stopped to adjust the video camera.  I then noticed a very fluffy tail darting in and out of a tree in the distance.  A fox squirrel was racing around the tree!  They are a very large squirrel; they can be up to 2 feet in length.  As soon as the squirrel noticed us, it disappeared in a flash.  I highly recommend biking the trails at Munson Hills; they are well worth the effort.  I hope you get to catch a glimpse of some deer or a fox squirrel when you visit!


One thought on “Fox Squirrels and Mountain Biking at Munson Hills!

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