Kayaking and Windsurfing with Dolphins!

The first day of our beach vacation to St. George Island, Florida, was a busy and fun one.  We geocached our way down the coast, which made the drive a lot of fun.  We turned a 1 1/2 hour drive into 3 hours – normally that would not be fun for us, but this day it was great!

St. George Island, Florida

After arriving at the beach house, my husband rigged up a windsurfing sail, and as the kids explored the tidal pool he made his way out past the sand bar.  It was a beautiful evening.  I jumped on the board for a quick run and sailed with the dolphins.  They came up right next to me; the smooth whooshing sound of the air exiting their blowhole is amazing.  The dolphins quickly disappeared and I sailed back in – so excited by the sights and sounds.  The first afternoon of our vacation was a success!

My husband and I made a trip to Apalachicola to bike and geocache.  This was a great way to explore the town on an early Sunday morning, while it was still nice and cool.  Another day we geocached on St. George Island, finding a great cache near an oyster boat in the state park.

During the week we took the kayak out, even paddling in the tidal pool on a rough day.  The dolphins came and went many times, working our stretch of beach for their lunch and dinner.  One dolphin was coughing, or so it sounded, through his blowhole.  Another was missing 1/2 of his dorsal fine.  There were several babies as well, staying close to their mothers.

On our final day, we took our daughter out on the kayak, farther than she had been before.  The dolphins came up near the boat.  They were playing, jumping, tail slapping, and in general putting on a good show.  Our daughter thought was it was the best thing ever!

During the week we took a brief excursion to Panama City, Florida, and visited the Man in the Sea Museum.  Our son loves subs and underwater expedition vessels, and this is the place for underwater vessels!  The Museum has a display of many retired vessels used in underwater exploration, many used by the Navy.  When we pulled into the parking lot, he just about jumped out of the truck.  The vessels were really interesting, some looking a lot like they could have been used during space exploration.   The Gulf Coast of Florida is a great place for family vacations. 

Man in the Sea Museum, Panama City, Florida


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