Almost Missed the Seasons Changing!

July 2011

We have been so busy this summer checking out the views at the beach, that I almost missed my summer photo.  I have again changed the header photo for the site.  I love this concept of watching the seasons changing from the same point of view.  The April 2011 picture, below, with the beautiful blue sky showed such nice contrasting colors.  Now, the new header picture, above – July 2011, is so dull by comparison.  The sky even looks hot in the photo to me, and although most everything is green (we finally got some rain), some of the brown grasses still look thirsty.  What a difference three months makes in the landscape! 

Really neat the see the difference, however I want Spring back again.  The July picture above was taken about the same time of morning as the other two.  The grass was so wet this weekend that my bike shoes and socks were drenched in just a minute.  I gave up riding in the greenway after realizing just how hot it was at 8:30 a.m.  in July.  Trudging through wet grass in the heat made riding the road sound like a good idea.  

I did see an adorable rabbit on my ride, and there are still a few birds looking for snails in the nearby creek, although there is almost no water to speak of. 

Can’t wait to see what this scene looks like in October!  Enjoy the view!

April 2011

January 2011


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