Spring Fever in Florida!

Spring has sprung in Florida!  The kids had Spring Break vacation last week and we were definitely ready for a break.  Our adventures took us to Anastasia State Park, where we anxiously awaited the forecasted 15 – 25 mph winds for windsurfing…and it didn’t happen.  So, instead we did some geocaching, kayaking, and paddle boarding.  The kids had another Hobie cat sailing lesson with my husband; their favorite part is to yell “prepare to come about” while the boat changes course.  We had a great paddle board session and saw some jellyfish and needlefish.  Low tide at the Salt Run offers lots of room to explore the sand bars and look for treasures.

Since the wind never really arrived, we moved on to mountain bike at Santos in Ocala, Florida.  We stayed at the Santos Trailhead Campground conveniently located near the entrance to the mountain bike trails!  We did some family rides, and since we still have one child on a trailer bike attached to the adult bike, we get lots of comments about mountain biking with the little one.  We don’t do any hard-core trails with the trailer bike (ours is an alley cat bike) attached, but you can see that people always wonder!  The trails were a bit dry and dusty, but fun to ride.  There is also some good geocaching in the area (right on the bike trails); I had the chance to find one cache that is actually on part of the Florida Trail for hiking. 

After the Ocala stop, we moved on to hang gliding in Orlando, Florida.  We love Wallaby Ranch, and the kids have a blast there as well.  Wallaby Ranch teaches hang gliding and tows pilots into the sky with ultralight aircraft. No mountains required!  The owner, instructors and other staff are great.  We have been flying there since 1996.

Hang Gliding at Wallaby Ranch, Orlando, Florida

We were worried that the wind had finally found us (since we gave up on it), but it finally settled down and my husband got a great three-hour flight.  The kids played in the pool and bounced on the trampoline.  We watched lots of launches and landings from the viewpoint of the pool and tramp, and when everyone was finally worn out, we headed home.  Even Spring Break has to come to an end! 

Enjoy your Spring adventures!


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