Curiosity Flows from the Rock Pools

Fern Trail Rock Pools

While out geocaching and mountain biking recently we found this amazing little spot.  I love the small pools of water, and due to the recent rains there was a small waterfall as well.  I had the urge to climb down from the bridge and investigate each little pool.  Every hole is a slightly different shape and size, making the overall view spectacular!  This makes me think of another Secret of Happiness from the Magic Tree House books, curiosity.  Spots like this fill me with wonder and make me curious about whether any creatures are living in the little pools, how soft the green moss nearby must feel, and how the water is probably quite cold in early Spring.  The wooded areas we frequent for mountain biking are usually very scenic, but I have only found one spot with a view like this!  

Fern Trail Rock Pools Waterfall


2 thoughts on “Curiosity Flows from the Rock Pools

  1. This comment is from your resident geologist. How do the rock pools form?

    The surface of Florida has limestone (calcium carbonate) at or near the land surface. When rock is exposed at the surface it is called and outcrop. The outcropping limestone is rained on and surface and groundwater flows over, around and through the limestone. Rainwater is slightly acidic (carbonic acid) and the acid reacts with the basic limestone to cause pits and holes. This geologic process is underway all the time and leaves the land surface and shallow bedrock full of holes and caves, called a “karst landscape.”

    There is a special case when you see almost perfectly round holes in the surface of the limestone. The holes are so round they look almost man-made by a drill. Not so…. they are places where trees have send down roots in cracks in the rock and the roundish ball of roots supplies organic acids that eat away the rock to form a round hole… at a pretty fast rate geologically (maybe hundreds of years instead of millions). I see round rock holes all the time all over Florida but lots are found in the Naples and Ft Myers area where rock is at the surface or a couple feet down.

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