Japanese Magnolia Smells Wonderful!

Japanese Magnolia Tree

Have you ever seen a Japanese Magnolia tree? It is a very pretty tree year-round, but once a year in the end of February it has the most beautiful blooms.  They even smell great, which I didn’t even realize until last week.  Our tree normally times itself to be in complete bloom about two or three days before the most horrendous, torrential, end of winter rainstorm.  Now I realize why I have never noticed the lovely smell before; I never had enough time!  Last week I was able to sit outside near the tree and enjoy the sights and smells.  My daughter even insisted on a cut flower for the house, hence we learned that they are prettiest on the tree (since it was not so pretty the next day).

This year, however, there was not a lot of rain in the end of February.  The tree showed off to the best of its ability, and was in complete bloom for at least five days before…the wind started.  One by one, the petals floated to the ground, leaving the tree ready for Spring with the tiny green shoots of new leaves starting to unfurl.   This year our front yard is coated with beautiful purple and white petals, almost looking like someone threw them there on purpose, like it’s awaiting a ceremony of some kind.  Maybe it is a ceremony announcing the beginning of Spring!


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