Seminole State Park in Georgia a Peaceful Oasis

Our recent travels with camper in tow led us to an overnight trip to Seminole State Park in Georgia.  Seminole State Park has long been a favorite park for our family in the cooler months.  There is a miniature golf course that is really nice and great for kids and adults alike.  We had a beautiful campsite right on the lake, which would be ideal for fishing, however have never had too much luck fishing there.  Perhaps the fish like the quiet, which leaves when we arrive! The lake is great for canoeing and kayaking as well. There are lots of pine trees for hanging the hammock and relaxing with a book, and the playground is close by. 

The park offers a 2.2 mile Gopher Tortoise Nature Trail for hiking, which leads you to a short bridge over the lake.  We did not see any gopher tortoises on this visit, but we have seen them sunning near their holes on previous occassions.  Research shows that the gopher tortoise can live longer than 60 years; they are listed as a “Threatened species” in both Georgia and Florida. 

They share their habitats with many other species; their roommates frequently include:

  • snakes
  • frogs
  • burrowing owls
  • and insects. 

The gopher tortoise burrow should never be disturbed, for many reasons, including the protection of the species and that fact that their frequent roommate is the eastern diamondback rattlesnake.  This is one hole that you definately do not want to investigate too closely.  There is an activity book on the gopher tortoise that kids might find interesting, especially if you are planning a visit to the park.  Other wildlife in the park include beavers, alligators, osprey hawks, and lots of other creatures you might never see! 

We have seen a beaver in a back corner of the lake before, and although there are said to be lots of alligators in the lake, we do not usually see them.  We do not swim in this lake, but there is a designated swimming area.

The park has two geocache sites that we found, one of which our five-year-old daughter spied first.  One of these caches is part of a series of 42 sites that are part the Georgia State Parks Geo-Challenge.  So I guess we better get busy exploring some Georgia State Parks!

Our daughter called this day the “best day ever”!  Which was surely due to two hole-in-ones on the miniature golf course, lots of playing and hammock time, as well as roasting marshmellows over the fire.  Wow, it was a great day!


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